Travel Goals & Bucket List Dreams

Hey y’all,

I’ve always been interested in the outdoors;

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

hiking, swimming, camping, exploring; you name it!

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve specifically fallen in love with the US National Parks. Since I have not yet been able to experience the beauty of the world outside of the US, I have been on a journey to see some of the most beautiful places right here in the States!

Goal #1: visit all 62 US National Parks.

Although not every state has its own National Park (at least not yet!), I figure I might was well make it a goal to visit each of the 50 states while I’m at it.

Goal #2: visit all 50 states.

Since I’ve already spent the last two summers trying to reach these goals, and in a few weeks I’ll be getting a few new places checked off, I figure now is the time to formally keep track, visualize my progress, and share my experiences!

I’m sure I’ll be organizing this blog section as I go, but the plan is to log my best experiences, travel advice, and favorite pictures from each state, with a special emphasis on each National Park in that state!

I hope by creating this blog and sharing my experiences, you’ll be able to experience new adventures of your own! Additionally, if you’ve got your own adventure spots that I missed or should be sure to include in my next trip,

Let me know!! Comments and advice always welcome (:

For now, Peace✌🏽


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